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Raw Food Festivals:


Book Recommendations:

Concordant Reference (2nd edition) - Frans Vermeulen

Godʼs Way to Ultimate Health - Dr. George Malkmus
The Cure is in the Cause - Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich, N.D.
The Raw Life - Paul Nison
The Sunfood Diet Success System - David Wolfe
Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening - Boutenko Family
Raw Power! - Stephen Arlin
Feel-Good Food Guide to Intuitive Eating - Susie Miller and Karen Knowler
Eating without Heating: Favorite Recipes from Teens Who Love Raw Food - Sergi and Valya Boutenko
12 Steps to Raw Food - Victoria Boutenko
Green for Life - Victoria Boutenko
Beautiful on Raw: Uncooked Creations - Tonya Zavasta
Your Right to Be Beautiful - Tonya Zavasta
Raw Perfection - Mike Nash
Raw Foods Bible - Craig B. Sommers, N.D.


Places to consider for Cancer:


Homeopathy is also an excellent option. 


Homeopathic Doctors:

Dr. Daniel Cook MD    214-503-6362


American Institute of Homeopathy -

Homeopathic Veterinarians:

The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy -

Homeopathy Suppliers and Pharmacies:

Natural Health Supply -

Merz Apothecary -



Tawana's recommendations are intended as helpful resources for a healthy lifestyle. You should always consult your doctor before starting any new diet or health program.

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